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Hello romantics! Today from Jardines de las Tinajas we want to talk to you about a new wedding trend that we find very interesting and fun. Do you still don’t know what we are talking about? Keep reading and we will tell you all the details and some ideas for your wedding.

Long before you think about the dress, the suit, the bouquets, the choreography of the first dance and everything that will accompany you on your big day, you have to think about the date. How complicated this first step can be. Once you have the date, what should you do? Announce the date when you will say “I do” to each other! And that’s when this new trend that is sweeping the world comes into play.

It consists of letting your guests know well in advance of the day on which the wedding will take place, simply the day, nothing more. Later you will send them their invitation with the time, location and anything else you wish.

Save the Date will be a great way for your guests to organise themselves and, as the name suggests, reserve that day to be with you.

Save the Dates can be made in many ways. Some people choose to do them online and others prefer the traditional physical format, it is up to you to choose. Here, from Jardines de las Tinajas we provide you with some ideas.

You can make videos, photo montages, photo shoots and notify them by whats app or make a photo montage or photo shoot and send it to your guests physically, it can be in paper format, magnet, make a pre-wedding kit and the thousand ideas that you can think of. Here are some images for you to get some ideas.

Did you like this new trend? Let us know what you think in the comments.

See you soon! We are waiting for you with open arms in Jardines de las Tinajas.

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