Valentine’s Day Surprise Idea

Hello Tinajer@s! Valentine’s Day is coming and although we are of those who think that love must be taken care of day by day, we are also of those who think that it never hurts to have a little detail on this day. That’s why, in today’s post we want to give you an idea to surprise your better half on Valentine’s Day or any other day.

We all love going out to eat/dining out, sharing fun and romantic moments with our partner in our favourite restaurant or in that exclusive restaurant in our city. That’s why we thought that the best way to surprise your better half might be the following:

Go to his or her favourite clothing shop and buy him or her a suitable model for the place you are going to.

Leave it on the bed next to a note that says: I’ll pick you up at X time and something romantic (we’ll leave this to your imagination).

Pick your partner up at the appointed time and start the romantic date for Valentine’s Day.

This plan may sound like the typical what would you do on Valentine’s Day. And yes, it is, it is very common to go out for lunch or dinner with your partner on this day. But what is not common is the way you say it. We would all be surprised to find a beautiful look on our bed with a nice note on it. It will create a lot of excitement for your partner not knowing where you are going and wearing a new outfit for the first time.

We hope you liked our idea and if you do it, we hope your partner likes it too. Let us know in the comments!

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