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Hello again dear Tinajeros. The topic of this blog is music, a fundamental element in your big day. Music is undoubtedly something that makes our lives happier. It can change our mood, make us laugh, cry, enjoy ourselves. But above all, music makes us create memories, we associate it with moments in our lives, with people. That is why it is one of the most special elements in weddings. From Jardines de las Tinajas we think that live music is the best option, it gives a differentiating touch to your big day and undoubtedly makes you feel twice as many emotions.

Live music surrounds us and prepares us emotionally. This decision may be the one that surprises your guests the most. Live music generates an immediate response, a vibration, a resonance in the body that opens us up and multiplies emotions. And you may be wondering what are the right moments to play live music and the answer is: ALL of them. All the moments of the wedding are ideal to have live music, of course, you have to know how to choose the right type of music for each moment. Here at Jardines de las Tinajas we tell you everything you need to know about this.

The beginning of the ceremony is the most important moment of the day and music plays a fundamental role. In this case, music can be perfect so that our guests don’t get bored and are more attentive to the ceremony, so that it doesn’t become heavy and thanks to it they can feel a thousand emotions. You can choose the song that you like the most and that best defines you. Depending on whether the ceremony is religious or civil, we can be more or less original. We can hire string quartets, rociero choirs, piano…

At the cocktail it is always a good option to opt for soft rhythms so that our guests can chat quietly while enjoying the live music in the background. You could opt for jazz, chill out, classical music, piano…

The dinner can also be accompanied by music. But remember that it is for accompaniment, we are not at a concert. So it should be soft in rhythm, power and volume.

Then comes the moment of the dance, the one that both you and your guests are looking forward to. At the moment of the dance you can use your own song and if you don’t have it, you can use a song that you like and that identifies you both. The group you choose for this great moment will be fundamental to make the moment even more emotional.

And my dears, it’s time for the party. Every wedding deserves a party that lasts until dawn and to achieve this we will need a good DJ. This will be the one in charge of making you dance until you can’t dance anymore, hence the importance of the choice.

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