Decoration Ideas For A Christmas Wedding

Looking for an original and unique wedding? Get married at Christmas, we recommend it, as more and more weddings take place during these dates every year. Your day will be very special and above all it can be a very magical and special wedding.

At this time of the year you can choose different types of Christmas decoration styles such as Nordic, classic, modern or more rural. Below we will present you some ideas to make your Christmas wedding the most magical of all.


Flowers and plants:

For the wildest decoration you can choose plants such as mistletoe, which are very traditional during this season. You can incorporate them into all the decorations such as the cake and even the bridal bouquet. You can also opt for poinsettias, which are very typical of Christmas, to accompany all the wedding decorations. If you feel like it, you can even put up a big Christmas tree to make it the protagonist of the space where you are holding the celebration. You can even fill the tree with photos of your guests capturing unique moments and memories.


The mix of mistletoe plants, pine cones and wood is ideal. We love the centrepieces with holly or garlands in shades of green and red.

There are also very original ideas such as putting a Christmas stocking with the name of each guest on each seat to give that unique Christmas touch.

As for chairs, to go with the Christmas tone, they can be white and gold to give the scene an even more magical touch. Each chair could even have a little blanket to give a more homely feel.


Here you can’t miss some Christmas food, for example if you set up a sweet table, with nougat, gingerbread biscuits, polvorones…and why not hot chocolate, who wouldn’t want to finish the wedding with a hot chocolate with churros after all that dancing? There are endless food options perfect for a Christmas wedding.



It’s a good time to create a warm atmosphere that contrasts with the cold of the winter season and makes your guests feel at home. To do so, take advantage of all the possibilities that lighting gives you at this time of year and fill everything with different lights, candles and candelabras.


Christmas invitations are beautiful and can have an ideal, fine and elegant calligraphy. The recommended colours are white, beige, red and green. Depending on the decoration of the rest of the wedding, the details that we can put on the invitations may vary, but a good example is to give a golden touch to the invitations, this will give a magical touch to the invitations.

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