Advantages of having your wedding in winter.

Did you know that celebrating your wedding in winter can have many advantages? Below we will show you some reasons why celebrating this special day in winter can be a great idea.


If one of your goals is to have an original and unique wedding, the decoration you will find in winter is magical.

The ideal is to look for decorations that can be found in nature at this time of the year. A very beautiful and unique idea is to use holly as decoration, as few flowers represent winter as much as this one.

Diary reasons:

You have to take into account that as fewer people choose this season to celebrate their wedding, in principle there will be no problems in finding a date, both for the ceremony and banquet venue, as well as for the rest of the services on your big day.

It is worth mentioning that in winter there is usually no shortage of guests, as there are usually no holidays as there are in summer. If you want all your loved ones to attend this unique event, having your wedding in winter can be a perfect idea.

Climatic reasons:

As far as the weather is concerned there are several things to take into account, the first is that, heat. will not be a problem that can become annoying. This is because the guests as a general rule usually wear suits, waistcoats, ties, etc. There is no doubt that these outfits are very warm. As for the guests, there will be no need to touch up their make-up as, thanks to the winter temperatures, the make-up will remain intact.

Gastronomic reason:

The cold of winter allows us to define more elaborate menus and with a higher caloric intake as digestion is less heavy than in the warmer seasons. We recommend you to play gastronomically with seasonal dishes, which are rich and varied, with strong flavours and a lot of personality.

Photographic reason:

This is a very special reason, as photographs taken in the winter season are more than magical and will give your very special day a fairytale touch for posterity. Such a fantastic memory that you will never forget.

 That’s it for today’s blog, I hope we have been helpful and have made you want to celebrate your special day in winter at Tinaja Gardens.

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